FDA Announces Age Change for Tobacco Sales

Online announcement declares that new tobacco age restrictions are effective immediately.

Vaping Products Going Retro Through Regulation

The Trump Administration plans to eliminate flavored vaping products from the market.

FDA and the Future of Youth Smoking

Former Commissioner Scott Gottlieb recently discussed the e-cigarette epidemic among American youth.

For Smokers Trying to Quit, Information Could Be Key

Scholar argues that recent FDA regulations may keep smokers in the dark about e-cigarettes.

Encourage Vaping to Help Reduce Smoking

Scholar argues that governments should embrace vaping’s smoking-cessation potential.

Do We Know How Risky E-Cigarettes Are?

E-cigarettes are less dangerous than is generally believed, posing a unique information challenge for regulators.

Toward a Middle Ground in Regulating E-cigarettes

A legal scholar proposes strict advertising limits – but no blanket ban – on e-cigarettes.

Will a Proposed E-Cigarette Rule Adequately Protect Youth?

The FDA recently proposed a rule on e-cigarettes, but critics claim key protections are still needed.

Week in Review

President Obama nominates Janet Yellen for Fed chair, USDA warns of salmonella outbreak, and more…