W. Kip Viscusi

W. Kip Viscusi is the Univeristy Distinguished Professor of Law, Economic, and Management at Vanderbilt Law School, where he co-directs the Ph.D. program in Law and Economics. He has written extensively on health and safety risks, and has advised multiple federal agencies on issues related to benefit-cost analysis and the valuation of life and health.

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Efficient Risk Regulations Do Not Increase Risks

As a practical matter, the VSL is successful in balancing the benefits and costs of regulation.

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The Long-Term Value of the Value of a Statistical Life

The VSL is necessarily based on market preferences that accurately reflect society’s valuation of risks and benefits.

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Failing to Think Properly About the Value of a Statistical Life

Using the VSL to measure benefits promotes the interests of individuals who are affected by regulation.

How Regulatory Agencies Undervalue Life

Agencies should boost penalties for fatal rule violations to match the value of a statistical life.

Do We Know How Risky E-Cigarettes Are?

E-cigarettes are less dangerous than is generally believed, posing a unique information challenge for regulators.