Kate Mancuso

Gender Scale

A New Era for the ERA

The Equal Rights Amendment raises questions of congressional authority.

Would a National Popular Vote Make Every Vote Count?

Proposed legislation could change state regulations that allocate presidential electoral votes.

Vaping Products Going Retro Through Regulation

The Trump Administration plans to eliminate flavored vaping products from the market.

Does Presidential Ideology Influence OIRA Review?

Scholars report that White House review exerts a deregulatory influence on agency rulemaking.

Week in Review

Democratic presidential candidates debate regulatory policy, DOJ approves Sprint–T-Mobile, and more…

Week in Review

Alabama criminalizes abortion, U.S. Supreme Court allows iPhone owners to sue Apple, and more…

Week in Review

Georgia passes restrictive abortion law, FTC asks Congress to pass privacy legislation, and more…

Risk of Measles on the Rise

New York City has taken an unprecedented step to control the spread of measles.

Week in Review

President Trump asks to close a claimed asylum loophole, a major environmental case before the Supreme Court may settle, and more…

The Black Box of College Admissions

State legislators and the U.S. Education Department are scrutinizing college admissions practices.

Week in Review

The Supreme Court interprets federal immigration law, a federal court rules that BLM violated NEPA, and more…

Week in Review

Regulators ground Boeing 737 Max, Congress votes to terminate border emergency, and more…