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EARN IT Act Calls Internet Content Moderation Into Question

Proposed legislation targets online child sexual exploitation, but tech advocates say it may hamper encryption.

Incomprehensibility and the Law

The law needs not only to correct information asymmetries but comprehension asymmetries too.

Creating Incentives for Regulatory Comprehensibility

Scholars comment on a new book that advocates greater simplicity and clarity in the expression of laws and regulations.

A Power of Monumental Proportions

Presidents can create national monuments, but a debate rages over whether they can modify them.

Week in Review

The Senate passed a $2 trillion stimulus package, the Federal Reserve will buy government-backed securities to prevent a depression, and more…

Can Regulating Surrogacy Prevent Statelessness?

Scholar proposes regulatory solution to ensure that children born from surrogate mothers have clearly established citizenship.

Procuring the Algorithmic State With Better Policy Analysis

Scholars assert that government agencies need a policymaking mindset when purchasing machine learning technology.

Deregulating Rail Transportation of Liquefied Natural Gas

Proposed rule aims to make it easier to ship liquefied natural gas by rail.

Trump’s Regulatory Budgeting Experiment Has Categorically Failed

The Trump Administration’s 1-in-2-out policy is more of an ineffective symbol than an action toward deregulation.

Before the Bedside Manner

Health care licensing regulators grapple with innovation, safety, and expertise when credentialing providers.

Week in Review

Congress passes coronavirus relief law, White House issues guidance on the outbreak, and more…

Persuading for Privacy

Pressure mounts for Congress to come to bipartisan agreement on privacy.