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State-Level Marijuana Regulation

As states legalize marijuana, regulators must determine how to oversee its use.

Week in Review

DHS waives federal procurement law, coronavirus may cause medical product shortage, and more…

Protecting Your Retirement from Data Thieves

Scholar offers a proactive approach to regulating ERISA fiduciary responsibilities.

Increasing Organ Donation in the United States

Two proposed rules aim to improve the rate of organ donations in the United States.

Landmark Environmental Rules Slated for Overhaul

A proposed rule aims to facilitate economic growth at the expense of federal environmental reviews.

Supreme Court

A Distinction in Agency Design Without a Difference

The Solicitor General says it is constitutionally relevant that one person heads the CFPB, but it is not.


Navigating Flood Regulation

Floods in the United States pose a unique regulatory challenge.

Week in Review

The Justice Department sues sanctuary cities, the House extends the deadline of the Equal Rights Amendment, and more…

FDA Announces Age Change for Tobacco Sales

Online announcement declares that new tobacco age restrictions are effective immediately.

The Regulation of American Archaeology

Federal regulation of domestic and international archaeology comes from a variety of agencies.

Drug Approval During a Public Health Crisis

FDA’s approval of an Ebola vaccine can serve as a framework for drug development during other epidemics.

Calculator Money

Rethinking the Value of a Statistical Life

It is time to reconsider the value of the VSL in policy analysis.