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Week in Review

DHS modifies child detention policies, Planned Parenthood quits Title X, and more…

Improving Patient Safety for Inpatient Psychiatric Care

Researchers argue that safety efforts have lagged for inpatient psychiatric care.

Fixing the Shortfall in Highway Infrastructure Funding

A recent report highlights funding gaps for infrastructure and potential fixes.

Human Milk Markets Need Regulation

Scholar says that human milk should be regulated to ensure donor milk is safe, accessible, and affordable.

Fixing the Family Glitch

Ambiguous language in the Affordable Care Act could keep affordable health care out of reach of millions.

Week in Review

DHS issues public charge rule, Interior plans to streamline Endangered Species Act, and more…

The Need for Vaccine Regulation Overhaul

Legal scholar calls for reform of the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act.

Is Private Governance a Viable Alternative to Climate Regulation?

Scholar argues that private governance initiatives offer considerable potential to combat climate change.

Creating a Right to Disconnect

Scholar recommends regulatory protections that would limit electronic correspondence after the workday.

Using Machine Learning to Improve the U.S. Government

Governmental use of artificial intelligence can fit well within existing administrative law constraints.

Week in Review

The U.S. Treasury designates China a currency manipulator, the Senate proposes a bipartisan gun control bill, and more…

Administrative Law Essay Competition Winners

Two essays by student winners of a Penn Law essay competition describe important regulatory developments.