Patent Reform Bill Passes Senate, Taken Up By House

Most substantial reforms in half century proposed for the U.S. patent system.

Senate Judiciary Committee Discusses the Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Agencies disagree over how to balance between privacy and crime-fighting.

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Generates Debate Over American Preparedness

Lawmakers study the nuclear disaster in Japan and debate the necessity of improvements to American nuclear safety.

Sunshine Week Brings New, But Critics Say Glass is Still Half Full

New government website teaches users how to request government information but with mixed reactions.

The House May Block Funding to Implement the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

The FCC’s newly adopted rules aim to ensure freedom and openness, but face appropriations hurdles.

Democrats and Republicans Wrangle Over the FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules

Congress debates whether net neutrality rules promote competition and innovation or stifle economic activity.

OIRA’s Guide Provides Agencies with Recommendations for Using

OIRA recommends that agencies promote public access by uploading rulemaking documents in a timely, consistent fashion.

“Do Not Track Me” Bill Would Promote Online Privacy

New bill would require the FTC to regulate companies’ use and collection of data about Internet users

The Justice Department’s “Imminent” Decision on the Google-ITA Merger

Justice Department decides whether to allow online search giant to buy leading travel search provider.

The FCC’s Broadband Plan and Customer Choice

Commission plans to increase average Internet speeds for consumers throughout the country.