Regulatory Compliance

Should Regulators Shame Companies into Compliance?

Naming and shaming can serve as a legitimate, efficient, and democratic regulatory approach.

Rethinking the Compliance Curriculum

Compliance classes should differ depending on students’ career paths and types of risks the class addresses.

On Teaching Compliance

Compliance should be incorporated into administrative law as well as offered as a separate upper-class course.

How Academics Can Improve Regulatory Inspections

Workshop shares research findings to advance agency compliance and enforcement practices.

Increasing Agency Use of Declaratory Orders

Legal scholar believes that declaratory orders can improve the value of agency advice.

What Volkswagen Reveals about the Limits of Performance-Based Regulation

Problems with automaker’s diesel emissions reveal fundamental caution over popular approach to regulation.

Should Congress Simplify Regulation of Higher Education?

Senate-sponsored task force urges streamlined approach to the regulation of higher education.

A Resource List on NHTSA Fines, Recalls, and Reform

RegBlog’s go-to source for learning more about recent auto safety concerns.

Reforming Automobile Defects Investigations

After the federal auto safety agency missed GM’s switch problem, the DOT calls for change.

A Guide to Recent Automotive Industry Fines and Recalls

A decade of missed opportunities has led to increased enforcement and calls for change.

Getting Defective Vehicles Off the Road

In this three-part series, Eric Schlabs examines recent vehicle recalls and what they reveal about federal oversight of automobile safety.

EPA Enforcement in a Time of Financial Constraint

Scholar argues that the EPA has to look for cheaper, more efficient enforcement strategies.