Municipal Regulation

Penn Panel Addresses Police Use of Force

Criminal justice experts discuss improper use of police force—and also pose solutions.

Move Criminal Justice Forward

The Trump Administration’s ill-advised “law and order” approach to policing should be eschewed in favor of procedural justice.

Disability and Policing

Existing rules can help ensure police use best practices for interacting with those who have special needs.

The Home-Sharing Industry Attempts to Fight Off Regulators

The outcome of a lawsuit filed by Airbnb may define the regulatory limits of the sharing economy.

LA Cracks Down on “Unreasonable” Water Use

City ordinance amendment institutes harsher penalties for those who flout water restrictions amid drought.

Ensuring a Fair Day’s Pay

A new Philadelphia ordinance allows the city to take steps to stop wage theft.

Big-City Rules, Without Any Rules

A reformer takes on a major city bureaucracy that has grown accustomed to informal lawmaking procedures.

Fate of Municipal Broadband in Court

Sixth Circuit holds hearing on FCC’s municipal broadband order.

Fighting over Front Yards

California lawmakers endorse statewide approach to regulating drought-resistant “lawns.”

NYC Bill Would Have Kids Trade Calories for Toys

New research finds that kids would consume fewer calories under proposed fast-food standards.

Regulating Labor Day Parades

Local regulations help ensure that holiday celebrations go off without a hitch.

Last Licks for Baseball’s Chewing Tobacco Habit

City and state officials seek to ban chewing tobacco from sports stadiums around the country.