Jana FitzGerald

The Future of California’s Water

A legislative committee report urges state regulators to seek alternative water sources.

National Park Might Not Be So Pet Friendly

Bay Area canine owners are up in arms over a proposed rule that would limit dog walking.

Is Dungeness Crab Safe to Eat?

California regulators lift ban on commercial fishing following health, economic, and environmental concerns.

Booksellers Challenge Internet Law

Free speech group claims that a Louisiana law governing online content violates constitutional rights.

President Obama Acts to Preserve Legacy of Land Conservation

Amid recent controversy, Obama relies on Antiquities Act authority to designate new monuments in the Mojave Desert.

Regulating California’s Drought

Despite increased precipitation, conservation remains critical.

Who Decides?

Cary Coglianese assesses doctrinal limits on distinctions between presidential oversight and decision-making.

Regulating Renewable Energy

Agencies work with California to tap into the energy potential of the Mojave Desert.

Fighting over Front Yards

California lawmakers endorse statewide approach to regulating drought-resistant “lawns.”

How Should the Federal Government Fight Fires?

Despite improvements, agencies should develop consistent policies.