Potential Legislative Developments in the Regulatory State in 2017

The 115th Congress brings great promise for the Republican agenda, although not all planned reforms will happen overnight.

Congress Take Aim at Gag Clauses in Form Contracts

Bill would crack down on clauses that ban consumers from writing negative online reviews.

Combatting External and Internal Regulatory Capture

External and internal capture may be reduced through a more logical division of labor between Congress and agencies.

When Politicians Are Not Experts, Agencies Step In

ACUS report addresses best practices for agency involvement in drafting legislation.

Sue-and-Settle Bill Threatens a Delicate Equilibrium

Deadline suits may offer key opportunity to even the playing field in regulatory agenda-setting.

We Shouldn’t Dismiss “Sue and Settle” – or Other Regulatory Problems

Sue and settle tactics may influence agency behavior and rulemaking.

The Debate Over “Sue-and-Settle” Legislation

RegBlog post sparks further debate over recent bill to curb negotiated agreements about rulemaking.

Reining in Federal Regulation

Republican bill seeks to counterbalance perceived regulatory excesses.

Chilean Government Proposes Enhancements to Gas Regulation

Bill would take steps to modernize regulatory framework of Chile’s natural gas industry.

Congress Rethinks Policy on Medical Marijuana

Legislation seeks to reduce friction between federal and state policies for medicinal marijuana use.

Legislative Changes May Improve the Black Lung Benefits Program

Potential legislation would give coal miners greater access to medical evidence and legal counsel.

Can We Finally Fix “Too Big to Fail”?

Recently passed House legislation would amend bankruptcy code for big banks.