Joel Outten

Member of Congress Highlights Lack of Regulation of Potentially Dangerous Flu Research

Rep. Sensenbrenner spotlights controversial avian flu studies.

FDA Warns Patients of Stem Cell Scams

The FDA cautions patients to undergo only approved stem cell treatments.

Regulatory Conference Discusses Oversight of Laboratory Developed Tests

Regulatory conference highlights need for defined governance of laboratory developed diagnostic testing.

FDA and NABP Mobilize to Confront the Online Sale of Illegal Drugs

Governmental and nongovernmental action taken to discourage illegal pharmaceutical sales over the Internet.

Petition Calls for Reform of FDA Regulation of Generic Drug Labels

Advocacy group petitions agency to let generic drug manufacturers update labels.

House Hearing on Efforts to Confront Alzheimer’s Disease

Hearing discusses how to address potential global crisis.

Senate Hearing on Diabetes Urges Development of Artificial Pancreas

Committee members urge FDA to expedite releasing industry guidance.

House Passes Bill to Ban Indirect Federal Funding of Abortion

The bill would prohibit government subsidies for healthcare plans that cover abortions.

FDA Grants Hearing on Proposed Withdrawal of Marketing Approval for Avastin

The FDA proposes to withdraw approval for a breast cancer treatment, with hearing scheduled for June.

Ongoing Litigation in Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Lawsuits over stem cell research could alter current scientific approaches.