Food Safety

The Case for Eating Bugs

Scholar argues FDA should regulate insects as food to help address food insecurity.

How State and Federal Food Regulations Can—and Should—Work Together

Experts argue that gaps in federal food safety rules require state governments to step up.

Bolstering Supplement Regulations

Lawyer argues that United States should ramp up regulation of dietary supplements.

Learning from International Agreements and Domestic Missteps

Scholar argues U.S.-China trade agreements fill regulatory gaps left by both countries.

FDA Takes Action to Curb Overuse of Antimicrobials in Livestock

Amid growing concerns about “superbugs,” regulators seek comment on use of antimicrobials in animal feed.

Is Dungeness Crab Safe to Eat?

California regulators lift ban on commercial fishing following health, economic, and environmental concerns.

The Fight for the Right to Sell Cookies

Wisconsin farmers bring lawsuit challenging a state ban on the sale of homemade baked goods.

Can Food Safety Regulations Lead to Environmental Harm?

Scholar argues that new food safety regime sacrifices environmental well-being.

Stopping Contaminated Food Hazards Before They Arise

New agency rule focuses on preventing risks to food meant for human consumption.

Lawmakers Propose a Single Food Safety Administration

A recently introduced bill would create a new, unified agency to oversee all U.S. food safety.

FDA Revises its Historic Proposal to Regulate Animal Food

Industry pushback appears to slow down landmark rule.

USDA Proposes Lifting Longstanding Ban on Argentinian Meat Imports

USDA finds meat from Northern Argentina can be safely imported despite longtime concerns about foot-and-mouth disease.