Financial Regulation

Predicting the Cost of Financial Reform

IMF report contends that more stringent bank regulations will not harm the economy.

Ryan’s Record on Regulation

Presumptive Republican veep nominee has proposed cutting agency funding and deregulating industries.

Romney’s Regulatory Plan

The Regulatory Review’s five-part series on Romney’s regulatory plan features unique commentary by legal experts on regulation and administrative law.

The Final Days of the Office of Thrift Supervision

OTS may not deserve some criticism from its performance during the financial crisis.

Roundtable Illuminates Challenges of Implementing the Volcker Rule

Prominent scholars, practitioners, and policy officials gather to discuss challenges presented by new banking rules.

Regulatory Opinion: Year in Review

The REINS Act, the ozone standard, regulatory reform, cost-benefit analysis, the Affordable Care Act, and Dodd-Frank, and more … as discussed in our top opinion posts from 2011.

GAO Says Dodd-Frank Rulemaking Should be Improved

Financial regulation needs more rigorous analysis and better interagency communication.

Consumer Choice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Whether government should prevent consumers from making mistakes remains an open question.

Romney Weighs in on REINS

Presidential candidate’s plan outlines his regulatory reform stance.

Rulemakings at the Fed, CFPB Need White House Supervision

After Dodd-Frank, financial regulations of independent agencies should be subject to OIRA review.

The Dodd-Frank Dilemma

Law gives regulators more responsibility, so agencies need to keep new regulations simple and find ways to attract talented staff.

Davos World Economic Forum Focuses on Transparency

Davos World Economic Forum generates support for government transparency, but divides remain over private sector transparency.