New Climate Resilience Report Emphasizes Cross-Sector Collaboration

The Obama Administration releases report on opportunities to enhance nation’s climate resilience.

Lessons Learned from Katrina and Sandy

Disaster relief agency shows progress over past decade, but challenges remain.

Evaluating Disaster Relief

Government report recommends “federal mechanism” to increase oversight of the Red Cross.

Audit Says FEMA Still Not Ready to Deliver Supplies During Emergencies

FEMA’s supply chain system might not aid disaster victims effectively, report says.

Penn Seminar Explores New Responses to Flood Risks

Experts ask if super-storms require new approaches to risk regulation, insurance, and disaster management.

GAO Finds Flaws With Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Planning

Nuclear Regulatory Commission unlikely to follow the GAO’s recommendation.

Week in Review

CFPB signs data deal with DOJ, EU opposes Internet regulation, and more.

Week in Review

HHS proposes insurance market regulations, New York delays decision on fracking regulation, and more.

Report Highlights Difficulties with Regulating Federal Grants

GAO identifies oversight challenges in administering federal grants to state and local governments.

Why We Should Not (Always) Blame Congress

A rare bipartisan statute significantly reforms the National Flood Insurance Program.

Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

Japan’s Nuclear Disaster Generates Debate Over American Preparedness

Lawmakers study the nuclear disaster in Japan and debate the necessity of improvements to American nuclear safety.