Emily Galik

A Power of Monumental Proportions

Presidents can create national monuments, but a debate rages over whether they can modify them.

Before the Bedside Manner

Health care licensing regulators grapple with innovation, safety, and expertise when credentialing providers.

Whose Children are These?

A federal lawsuit could affect where American Indian children grow up.

A Champagne by Any Other Name

EU quality schemes protect agricultural products tied to certain areas against food fraud.

Can the U.S. Outpace Disease Outbreaks?

In the United States, disease outbreaks challenge emergency preparedness.

Is Most of the Federal Government Unconstitutional?

The academic debate over the history and the future of the nondelegation doctrine is far from over.

State-Level Marijuana Regulation

As states legalize marijuana, regulators must determine how to oversee its use.


Navigating Flood Regulation

Floods in the United States pose a unique regulatory challenge.


Evaluating Soda Taxes

As cities experiment with soda taxes, emerging scholarship reviews their impacts and efficacy.


Regulating Mobile Medical Applications

As mobile medical applications continue to proliferate, regulators lack a solid framework for oversight.

Federal Agencies’ Westward Expansion

The Bureau of Land Management’s relocation sets the stage for other federal agencies to leave Washington.

Supreme Court

Debating Independent Agencies

The upcoming Supreme Court case challenging the constitutionality of the CFPB highlights modern debates about independent agencies.