Department of Energy

Ryan’s Record on Regulation

Presumptive Republican veep nominee has proposed cutting agency funding and deregulating industries.

Can the White House Trim U.S. Paperwork?

OIRA memo is admirable but bolder action by Congress may be needed.

Hydrokinetics: Generating Power from Water

Congress and FERC act to promote the development of hydrokinetic power.

Commission Blasts Outdated Nuclear Waste Management Policy

Blue ribbon body urges federal government to implement major reforms.

Santorum’s Views on Regulation

Republican presidential candidate says he would revoke “irrational” regulation.

Harvesting Clean Energy

New source performance standards should include energy efficiency.

DOE Keeps Its Electricity Transmission Siting Authority

DOE decides not to give FERC transmission line siting power under the Federal Power Act.

Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

Regulatory Agencies Plan for Federal Government Shutdown

Agencies show how they would react to a funding hiatus.

Senate Hearing on Appliance Efficiency Standards Sparks Consumer Choice Debate

Members of Congress debate consumer choice issues raised by efficiency standards for light bulbs and appliances.

Federal Budget Battle Centers on Regulation

Regulatory agencies’ budgets a focal point in negotiations over government spending.