Brian Ryoo

OMB Releases Draft of Annual Report on Regulation’s Impacts

Major rules, especially EPA’s, potentially create enormous net benefits.

Active Choosing versus Default Rules

Cass Sunstein explains why – and when – policymakers should use default rules.

Presidential Candidates Spar Over Role for Regulation

In debate, Obama and Romney disagree on how much regulation is needed.

Predicting the Cost of Financial Reform

IMF report contends that more stringent bank regulations will not harm the economy.

Democrats Defend Obama’s Record on Regulation

2012 platform argues that the administration made regulations simpler, more open, and more flexible.

Agencies Double Fuel Economy Standards

EPA and NHTSA require an average of 54.5 mpg for vehicles by 2025.

The SEC’s Quest for Informational Symmetry

Penn Law professor concludes Regulation FD has reduced selective disclosure.

“Revolutionary Turnaround” for SEC’s Rulemaking

Law professor argues that cost-benefit analysis could make securities regulation more effective.

Ryan’s Record on Regulation

Presumptive Republican veep nominee has proposed cutting agency funding and deregulating industries.

An Alternative to the Individual Mandate

Nobel Laureate suggests alternative ways to control adverse selection in health insurance markets.

Judge to SEC: The Court Is Not Your “Handmaiden”

Judge Rakoff rejects Citigroup deal and questions SEC’s settlement practices.

SEC’s Home-Court Advantage?

The SEC uses its new authority to take administrative action.