Vanessa Kurzweil

Appeals Court Decision Favors EPA’s Climate Change Rules

Three-judge panel affirms EPA’s decisions in regulating greenhouse gases.

Canadian Foundation Recommends Arctic Council Action

Report suggests cautious expansion and urges funding for indigenous participants.

Senate Bills Aim to Help Graduates in STEM Fields Get Green Cards

Supporters of Senate Bills on STEM say US needs skilled immigrants.

Senate Hears Testimony on a Potential Helium Crisis

Witnesses urge Congress to act or face a helium shortage.

Coalition Calls for Increased Oversight of Synthetic Biology

Advocacy groups say current regulation of synthetic biology offers inadequate public protection.

Member of Congress Documents “Loophole” for Medical Device Approval

Advocacy groups join Rep. Markey in calling for reform of FDA review process.

FDA Rejects Petition to Ban BPA

Agency will continue to monitor the results of toxicity studies.

EPA Proposes More Oversight of Manufacture and Import of Chemicals

EPA plans to monitor five groups of chemicals to prevent harmful new uses.

Commission Blasts Outdated Nuclear Waste Management Policy

Blue ribbon body urges federal government to implement major reforms.

Congress Passes FAA Modernization Act

Long-awaited bill will fund FAA through 2015.

Controversy Surrounds HHS Contraception Mandate

President’s advisers signal willingness to “work with religious groups.”

HHS Finds Proposed Health Insurance Rate Increases “Unreasonable”

Affordable Care Act requires approval of insurance company rate hikes for individual and small group plans.