Regulation of the Chinese Equity Crowdfunding Market

Scholar argues that China should model U.S. and U.K. regulation of online investing.

Learning from International Agreements and Domestic Missteps

Scholar argues U.S.-China trade agreements fill regulatory gaps left by both countries.

The Ongoing Rise of Good Governance in China

Influenced by American and Western practices, China continues to produce governmental innovations.

China Addresses Climate Change in its Latest Five-Year Plan

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, China aims to fulfill its commitment in the Paris Agreement.

“Big Four” Decision Shines Light on Regulatory Conflicts

International accounting firms remain stuck between Chinese and U.S. law.

Citizen Feedback in Chinese Policymaking

Officials increasingly consult with an engaged public when setting policy.

China’s Finance Ministry Permits Local Municipal Bond Offerings

Trial program hopes to address local government debt problems.