House Subcommittee Considers Codifying Agency CBA

Witnesses agree about the importance of thorough cost-benefit analysis.

Open Government and Its Impact

Defining open government and conceptualizing its success are key first steps in developing a transparency research agenda.

PAYGO Proposed to Manage Agency Regulations

Could regulatory PAYGO work like legislative PAYGO?

Why the REINS Act Is Unwise If Not Also Unconstitutional

A proposed act would hinder needed regulations, thereby interfering with the executive branch’s constitutional authority to execute the law.

Let’s Review the Rules

Agencies can narrow the political gap over regulation by retrospectively measuring the actual impact of their regulations.

Budget Deal May Shut Down Open Government Websites

The Obama Administration’s Open Government Initiative takes a budget hit.

Regulatory Agencies Plan for Federal Government Shutdown

Agencies show how they would react to a funding hiatus.

Scholars Debate Whether the Administrative Procedure Act Provides Sufficient Transparency

Scholars argue that agencies do not weigh sufficiently comments they receive under the APA.

A “Noah’s Ark of Scholars” Discusses Strategies for Increasing Public Engagement with the Government

The federal government hosts conference to promote research on open government.

Coming Soon! New Format for The Regulatory Review

The Regulatory Review announces redesigned website.

Senate Bill Would Codify Benefit-Cost Analysis and Guidance Procedures

Senator proposes legislation to require cost-benefit analysis and steps for issuing non-binding guidance.

Sunshine Week Brings New, But Critics Say Glass is Still Half Full

New government website teaches users how to request government information but with mixed reactions.