Making the Rulemaking Process Accessible to Ordinary Citizens

Administrative agencies should design their websites with rulemaking participation by the general public in mind.

ACUS Committee Discusses Online Access to Rulemaking

Committee investigates how to improve public access via the Internet.

New Jersey Court Approves Common Law Right of Access to Agency Depositions

The state’s equivalent of FOIA does not set the bounds of access.

Federal Agencies Submit Scientific Integrity Policies

Policies submitted in response to OSTP memorandum.

Perfecting Our Recipe for Regulatory Compliance

Agencies should use e-government initiatives to improve regulatory compliance.

Debt Ceiling Legislation Also Speaks to Administrative Law

Rules governing student loans are exempt from a negotiated rulemaking mandate.

New Cost-Benefit Website for Criminal Justice

Website can be resource for criminal law policymakers.

Congress Needs Its Own Regulatory Review Office

OIRA oversight of regulation is necessary, but not sufficient.

Expand Centralized Regulatory Review to Independent Agencies

Congress should require independent regulatory commissions to perform cost-benefit analyses

New Recommendations for Valuing Mortality Risk Reductions

EPA’s Science Advisory Board offers recommendations to improve cost-benefit analysis.

The REINS Act: A Constitutional Means to Control Delegation

The proposed legislation would give Congress authority over a limited set of major regulations.