Better Informing the Net Neutrality Debate

Penn Law Professor argues for “network diversity” rather than “network neutrality.”

Smartphone Patent Wars: The Role for Import Bans

Congress holds hearings on the role of import bans in licensing of standard essential patents.

FCC Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule for Public Safety Do-Not-Call List

The FCC seeks input on how to manage and enforce a Do-Not-Call Registry for emergency service lines.

New Tool Promises to Make Federal Regulations Easier to Find

Partnership attempts to simplify searching for regulations.

Senate Hears Testimony on a Potential Helium Crisis

Witnesses urge Congress to act or face a helium shortage.

The Value of Increasing Unlicensed Spectrum

Increasing unlicensed spectrum could increase social welfare.

Coalition Calls for Increased Oversight of Synthetic Biology

Advocacy groups say current regulation of synthetic biology offers inadequate public protection.

Patents, Patients, and Profits: Winners and Losers in Drug Patent Challenges

Challenges to branded drugs from generic firms have benefits and costs.

Supreme Court and PTO Produce New Rules on “Laws of Nature” Patents

After the Mayo decision, Patent and Trademark Office issues guiding memorandum.

Feds Claim Unlawful “Conspiracy” Inflated Prices of E-books

Antitrust lawsuit alleges Apple and five publishers conspired to eliminate competition.

FCC Reform Bill Wins Key Committee Vote

Party-line vote moves forward bill that would change FCC processes.

YouTube Provides Modified Terms of Service to State Governments

Agreement addresses concern that YouTube’s standard terms of service violate state laws.