NSF and White House Address Work-Life Balance for Scientists

Agency initiative aims to retain more women in STEM fields.

FCC Repeals the Fairness Doctrine and Other Regulations

Repeal follows Commission’s announced plan to remove rules that are out of date.

Making the Rulemaking Process Accessible to Ordinary Citizens

Administrative agencies should design their websites with rulemaking participation by the general public in mind.

Justice Department Moves to Block AT&T’s Acquisition of T-Mobile

Antitrust Division argues the merger would decrease competition, increase prices.

ACUS Committee Discusses Online Access to Rulemaking

Committee investigates how to improve public access via the Internet.

White House Offers Guidance on Nanotechnology Policy

EPA, FDA respond with calls for public comments.

ACUS Adopts Recommendations on Shift to E-Rulemaking

Federal “good government” agency addresses the regulatory process in the digital age.

Federal Register Will No Longer Be Printed, Obama Says

The federal government’s daily publication will appear online only.

House Passes Resolution Disapproving of Net Neutrality Rules

Democrats and Republicans disagree about FCC’s role in Internet access.

Federal Judge Rejects Amended Google Books Settlement

Judge finds that settlement would unduly increase Google’s market power.

CPSC Launches Consumer-Driven Online Database for Unsafe Products

New product safety initiative receives mixed reviews.

Federal Research Center’s New Venture Into Drug Discovery

New National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences works with pharmaceutical companies to develop drugs.