New Executive Order Promotes Public Participation

Obama’s recent order makes promising strides toward improving participation in agency rulemaking.

Bipartisan E-Rulemaking Act of 2010 Introduced to Enhance Transparency

Senators aim to require the government to put information concerning regulation on the Internet.

PPR Co-Sponsors Wharton Workshop on Third Party Auditing

Special event features robust discussion on how to ensure safety with limited regulatory funds.

Fall 2010 Recap: Risk Regulation Seminar Series

Penn Program on Regulation features number of experts who discuss risk in a number of regulatory contexts.

E-Government and Inequality in Public Participation

The Internet has not made the government more democratic, at least not yet.

Penn Program on Regulation Welcomes New Regulation Fellow

New PPR fellow brings public policy expertise to the University of Pennsylvania.

Another Regulatory Milestone as the Federal Register Act Turns 75

The Regulatory Review recognizes the contributions of the federal government’s “daily newspaper.”

Open Government Plans Revealed

Federal agencies take steps to increase government transparency.

Report Finds FOIA Implemention Under Obama is “Almost as Mixed” as Under Bush

Report indicates that governmental transparency gains may not be as large as promised by the President.

Transparency and the Obama Administration’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

The government may need to rely on secrecy, not transparency, to overcome the national deficit problem.

Obama’s FY2011 Budget Proposal and Regulatory Agencies

The President’s budget foreshadows changes to how administrative agencies will use their funding.

White House Announces Enhancements to

Federal government website becomes easier to navigate, enhancing access to regulatory information.