Ronald A. Cass

Ronald A. Cass is the dean emeritus of the Boston University School of Law and president of Cass & Associates, PC. He is also the chairman and a resident scholar at the Center for the Rule of Law and a senior fellow at the C. Boyden Gray Center for the Study of the Administrative State and the International Centre for Economic Research

Deference After Kisor

A recent Supreme Court decision could reshape judicial deference of agency actions.

Kavanaugh and the Deference Doctrines

Judge Kavanaugh’s past opinions reveal a commitment to clarifying deference rules and increasing predictability.

Regulatory Capture in Enforcement

Enforcement decisions are oft-overlooked, yet such decisions merit heightened scrutiny if regulatory capture is to be reined in.

Romney’s Regulatory Agenda – Right Turn?

Romney’s proposals could be productive changes to regulatory review policy.