Regulatory Transparency

Science and Democratic Policy in a Data-Driven World

Public access to data behind regulations should not be a political question.

Deconstructing Regulatory Science

Proposed limits to EPA’s consideration of scientific data threaten timely, sound policymaking.

Science, Transparency, and Environmental Policy

Scholars and regulatory commentators debate the significance of EPA’s recently proposed “transparency” rule.

Preventing Regulatory Capture

When a regulation’s benefits exceed its costs, simplicity and interdisciplinary processes are essential to reducing capture.

Sue-and-Settle Bill Threatens a Delicate Equilibrium

Deadline suits may offer key opportunity to even the playing field in regulatory agenda-setting.

We Shouldn’t Dismiss “Sue and Settle” – or Other Regulatory Problems

Sue and settle tactics may influence agency behavior and rulemaking.

The Debate Over “Sue-and-Settle” Legislation

The Regulatory Review post sparks further debate over recent bill to curb negotiated agreements about rulemaking.

It’s Time to Make Rulemaking Really Transparent on Agency Websites

Regulatory agencies should do more to make information about proposed rules more accessible.

Why Arizona Should Lift its Regulatory Moratorium

Arizona should end its five-year moratorium on new regulations.

Federal Agency Recommends Improvements in Government Transparency

Latest ACUS recommendations seek to promote a more open and efficient government.

Regulatory Transparency Should be a Two-Way Street

OSHA deserves praise for asking commenters submitting scientific information to disclose their funding sources.

White House Announces Enhancements to

Federal government website becomes easier to navigate, enhancing access to regulatory information.