TSA Seeks Comments on Whole Body Imaging at Airports

TSA will install new privacy technology on screening machines in coming weeks.

Happy Birthday, The Regulatory Review!

RegBlog celebrates two years of regulatory news, analysis, and opinion.

Active Choosing versus Default Rules

Cass Sunstein explains why – and when – policymakers should use default rules.

Congress Considers Restricting the Use of Unmanned Aerial Aircraft

Proposed bill would limit the use of drones for surveillance.

FTC Staff Report Outlines Best Practices for Mobile App Industry

Agency provides disclosure guidelines to protect consumer privacy.

Are Social Media Sites Engaging in Anti-Competitive Conduct?

A new paper dissects antitrust claims against social media.

Defense Department Amends Rules to “Match Reality” for Women in Combat

Rule restricting women’s role in direct combat will be formally lifted.

Regulatory Analysis: Year in Review

We feature our top analysis essays from 2012.

Regulatory News: Year in Review

We feature our top news posts from 2012.

Regulatory Year in Review: 2012

We celebrate the regulatory news, analysis, and opinion developments of 2012.

FTC Launches Investigation into Data Brokerage Companies

Agency to determine whether more regulation is needed to protect consumers.

Court Approves Google’s Privacy Settlement

Federal judge approves FTC’s action over Google’s Safari practices.