Headless Agency Adjudication at the Patent Office

Supreme Court approval of patent adjudication raises new questions about limits of modern agency adjudication.

The First Amendment Protects Offensive Trademarks

Supreme Court holds that government cannot discriminate against offensive trademarks.

For Hepatitis Drugs, Availability Does Not Equal Access

Is the government willing to infringe on drug patents to curb a public health crisis?

Simplicity Trumps Logical Coherence

The Supreme Court upholds its concededly “incorrect” ban on post-expiration patent royalties.

Chevron Deference for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Asymmetrical deference to PTO decision-making may promote pro-patent policies.

Unmasking Patent Trolls

Patent and Trademark Office proposes rule that would seek to increase transparency in patent ownership.

Evaluating the PTO’s Proposed Fee Structure

Proposed fee structure remains flawed and may contribute to the perception of a “broken” patent system.

The Value of Codifying a National Approach to Licensing Military-Affiliated Health Care Providers

Statutory change will ease medical training and health care delivery by the Department of Defense.