Federalism Comes Out as the Winner in Murphy v. NCAA

The Supreme Court’s ruling on sports betting has broad implications for anti-commandeering issues.

Regulating the Antibiotic Resistance Crisis

Scholar praises a California law that widely eliminates antibiotics use in the livestock industry.

Partisanship Drives State Agencies’ Resistance to Federal Regulation

Data show that geography and party affiliation predict state agencies’ pushback against federal policies.

Let’s Be Real About State and Local Climate Action

Federal action is key to effectively addressing climate change.

Leading on Climate at Every Level

States and subnationals can rise to the challenges posed by climate change.

The Ideological Battle Over Regulating Paid Family Leave

Debate about paid family leave revolves around three very different proposals.

The Encryption Wars

Federal and state legislatures explore ways to address encryption disputes.

Stricter Rules Bring Challenges but also Cash to Montana Day Care Centers

State authorities revamp day care regulations to meet federal standards and remain eligible for funding.

New Toxic Chemical Legislation Fails on Federalism

Scholar argues that bill aimed at strengthening safety of chemicals runs afoul of principle of precautionary federalism.

Rethinking States’ Role in Federal Rulemaking

By understanding key tradeoffs, federal agencies can enhance state participation in the regulatory process.