Members of Congress Need Not Send to Ask For Whom the Bell Tolls

Congress must not forget its role in setting regulatory policy.

Week in Review

EU offers bank resolution plan, USDA permits more meat in school lunches, and more.

AT&T Seeks Government Support to Modernize Internet Infrastructure

AT&T petitions the FCC to facilitate experimental transitions to an Internet-based network.

Week in Review

Colorado passes marijuana proposition, Californians reject GMO labeling regulation, and more.

Week in Review

FDA widens meningitis drug warnings, CFPB pursues rules on reverse mortgages, and more.

FCC Seeks Comments on Proposed Rule for Public Safety Do-Not-Call List

The FCC seeks input on how to manage and enforce a Do-Not-Call Registry for emergency service lines.

The Value of Increasing Unlicensed Spectrum

Increasing unlicensed spectrum could increase social welfare.

FCC Reform Bill Wins Key Committee Vote

Party-line vote moves forward bill that would change FCC processes.

FCC Mulls Revising Sports Blackout Rules

U.S. broadcast regulator accepts comments on petition to revise rules.

FCC Chair Outlines Plan for Closing the Digital Divide

Draft order circulating to Commissioners would aim to increase broadband access in low-income communities.

A Backwards Idea from the FCC

The public should not be required to submit copies of material cited in rulemaking comments.

A Call for a Radical New Communications Policy

The FCC should regulate like antitrust agencies, providing competition-based ex post remedies.