Should the FCC Regulate Internet Interconnection?

Regulation is not the answer to interconnection concerns.

Week in Review

Obama proposes a new budget, the House voted to constrain the EPA’s climate rules, and more…

FCC, FTC Merger Necessary to Modernize Communications Regulation, Comment Suggests

FCC’s largely duplicative functions should be redeployed to other agencies, says think tank.

Agency Seeks to Enhance Reliability of Emergency Phone Calls

FCC proposal aims to enhance cellular communication during emergencies.

FCC Loosens Restrictions on Foreign Investments in Broadcast Media

A larger pool of investors may boost diversity in television and radio station ownership.

FCC Rules on Robocalls Go Into Effect

New regulations to protect consumers from telemarketers’ automatic calls.

Check Your Phone Bill: Are you Being “Crammed”?

FCC proposes rule designed to identify and prevent unauthorized phone charges.

Week in Review

GAO report finds USDA needs better data on certain procedures, OSHA publishes proposed silica rule, and more…

The Tennis Channel v. Comcast: Game Over?

New opinion highlights debate over the role of antitrust law in FCC disputes.

Senators Question President’s Pick for OIRA Administrator

Howard Shelanski questioned on delays, retrospective review, and role for cost-benefit analysis.

Week in Review

Obama continues cabinet nominations, OMB analyzes regulatory costs and benefits, and more.

Week in Review

FTC cracks down on cell phone cramming, gun control bill hits wall in Senate, and more.