Christian Latham

Employers, Whistleblowers, and Polluters Before the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court’s 2014-15 regulatory decisions affected environmental law, employment discrimination, and public safety.

Parties Still Battling Over Proposed Carbon Rule After Case is Argued

In letter to court, states claim that a tweet proves the EPA has made up its mind.

EPA Report Finds One-Year Rise in Toxic Pollution

Data show a fifteen percent increase in toxic chemicals released from 2012 to 2013.

Broadband Competition is the Internet’s “North Star”

FCC Chair emphasizes need for increased consumer choice in the years to come.

GAO Says Congressional Review Act Not Triggered by Proposed Rules

Congressional watchdog declares that proposed regulations are not subject to CRA.

How Much Could it Cost to Do Nothing?

White House report claims costs of delaying action on climate change are high.

The Unemployment Costs of Regulation

Traditional forms of analysis may underestimate unemployment costs, skewing cost-benefit analysis of regulations.

Digitizing Environmental Protection

Proposed e-reporting rule aims to improve water quality, save money.

FAA Proposes Aircraft Retrofit Requirement

Some cockpit displays may fail because of Wi-Fi interference.