Conservatism and Scientific Data in the Climate Debate

A viable conservative approach to environmental policy must be rooted in science.

States’ Varied Approaches to Fracking Regulation

Report compares thirty-one states’ regulations on hydraulic fracturing.

Can Land Use Permit Conditions Constitute a Regulatory Taking?

The Supreme Court hears arguments over acceptable conditions for development permits.

Assessing Regulations in the Wake of Disaster

New book argues for careful deliberation before making vast changes to regulatory system.

When It Comes to Regulation, Europe is the New United States

PPR seminar speaker argues that Europe has become a global leader in regulation, US more restrained.

Canadian Foundation Recommends Arctic Council Action

Report suggests cautious expansion and urges funding for indigenous participants.

Rethinking Federal Flood Insurance

Wharton study proposes innovative ways to improve government-funded flood insurance.

Pennsylvania Utility Regulator Ponders the Future of Energy Efficiency

Commission seeks public comments as it prepares to extend efficiency programs.

Scientific Knowledge and Attitudes on Climate Change

PPR seminar discusses cultural causes of controversy.