Do Environmental Regulations Really Work?

Scholars argue that environmental laws improve air quality despite increases in U.S. manufacturing output.

Restoring Pollution Prevention and the Concept of Positive Freedom

Scholar espouses a renewed focus on pollution prevention efforts, with an appreciation of government’s ability to effect meaningful reform.

Concerns for the Future of Conservation at the National Parks’ Centennial

Interior Secretary Sally Jewell celebrated the occasion with a call to action to change the nation’s conservation approach.

The Future of California’s Water

A legislative committee report urges state regulators to seek alternative water sources.

The Clean Power Plan Is not Without Precedent

Environmental experts argue that precedent supports contested features of EPA’s major climate change rule.

New Toxic Chemical Legislation Fails on Federalism

Scholar argues that bill aimed at strengthening safety of chemicals runs afoul of principle of precautionary federalism.

National Park Might Not Be So Pet Friendly

Bay Area canine owners are up in arms over a proposed rule that would limit dog walking.

The Best Way to Implement the Clean Power Plan

Energy policy expert argues that imposing a price on carbon is vital to implementing the Clean Power Plan.

Regulating California’s Drought

Despite increased precipitation, conservation remains critical.

Could Judges Solve Climate Problems?

A Penn panel discussion sparked a lively debate about whether courts should shape environmental policy.

A Message of Hope and Caution for Global Climate Negotiations

Australian senator speaks at Penn Law on creating an international climate agreement.

Climate Change and National Security

Scholar highlights the national security concerns connected with a changing climate.