Supreme Court Mulls Price of Not Using Power

Electricity regulator wants strong incentive to conserve, but one business group says the government is overreaching.

Using the Constitution to Promote Renewable Energy

Legal scholars argue that the Constitution requires states to consider regional energy needs.

Chilean Government Proposes Enhancements to Gas Regulation

Bill would take steps to modernize regulatory framework of Chile’s natural gas industry.

FERC Demand Response Resource Order May Be Heading to the Supreme Court

An invalidated agency order aimed at updating the power industry is seeking new life.

The Nuclear Option for Reducing Climate Change

Debate reignites over whether nuclear energy is an important tool or a costly mistake.

Experts Debate EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Rule

PPR seminar focuses on controversial proposed rule aimed at combatting climate change.

Learning from Advocacy for Energy Efficient Building Codes

Innovative approaches to energy efficient buildings can inform how to make progress in other regulatory areas, even in tough times.

Promoting Renewable Energy in the Federal Government

Presidential memo requires agencies to obtain 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Smart Regulation for the Smart Grid

Smart Grid Interoperability Panel provides model for collaborative standards development.

Inside Baseball: The Nature of OIRA’s Work

The regulatory review process engages a wide range of actors.

Can Agencies Legally Use Social Media for Rulemaking?

ACUS draft report analyzes legal obstacles for using social media in rulemaking.

Adjusting the Social Cost of Carbon: A Commonsense Revision

Changes should be made to better reflect underlying scientific models.