Dodd-Frank Act

Looking More Closely at the Platypus of Formal Rulemaking

Legal scholar argues that the oft-criticized formal rulemaking process has virtues in proper settings.

What if Dodd-Frank is Built on Faulty Assumptions?

Duke Law Professor argues for a new regulatory paradigm.

The Public Interest in Public Securities Settlements

Legal scholar argues SEC settlements after Dodd-Frank create potential costs for defendants and the public.

Financial Regulators Take Stock and Look Ahead

Wall Street Journal conference in New York brings together prominent regulators and industry insiders for wide-ranging discussions.

Still Too Big to Fail?

President of the Minneapolis Federal Reserve argues that banks still pose a threat of catastrophic failure.

Corporate Capture of the Rulemaking Process

The right regulatory reforms can level the playing field between the public and powerful corporate players.

Can Securities Regulation Stymie Conflict in Africa?

Challenges loom concerning the implementation of a Dodd-Frank provision requiring companies to disclose source minerals from war-torn regions.

Building More Effective Regulation

The past few years in regulation offer lessons for the next five.

Stress Tests and the End of Bank Supervision

New federal authority surrounding stress tests means banking supervisors take a back seat to regulators.

Implementing the Volcker Rule’s Backstop Provisions

Lawyers propose strategies for regulators in implementing often-overlooked Volcker Rule provisions.

CFPB Announces Plan to Allow Class Action Suits

Consumer protection agency wants to promote private enforcement of finance laws.

A Squandered Opportunity for Effective Consumer Protection?

Law professor argues that financial reform legislation hurts consumers.