Administrative Constitutionalism

Scrutinizing Deference to Administrative Agencies

Scholar evaluates arguments for scaling back deference doctrines in light of renewed interest in reform.

Does the Administrative State Threaten U.S. Democracy?

Panel focuses on claims of potential dangers from growth in government agencies.

The Constitutional Executive Order on Regulatory Budgets

President Trump’s regulation-trimming executive order will likely survive judicial scrutiny despite potential policy objections.

Ordering Agencies to Violate the Law

President Trump’s regulatory budget executive order withholds agency action and harms the American public.

A Look at States’ Roles in Administrative Constitutionalism

Law professor argues that states play a critical, but often neglected, role in constitutional decision-making.

The Benefits of Agency Engagement with Constitutional Interpretation

Scholar argues courts should embrace agencies’ role in adapting the Constitution to present-day society.

Appreciating The Workplace Constitution

Sophia Lee’s new book makes contributions to the fields of constitutional law, labor law, employment discrimination, and administrative law.

A Contribution to Both Legal History and Constitutional Theory

The Workplace Constitution Reveals that the U.S. Constitution lacks any particular political valence.

Administrative Constitutionalism and Administrative Power

New book raises the question of when bureaucratic constitutional interpretation is desirable and sustainable.

A Window into America’s Administrative State

Agencies are deeply enmeshed in creating our constitutional understanding.

The Struggle Over the Constitution in the Workplace

The Regulatory Review features commentators on a new book that analyzes the campaign to give constitutional rights to workers.