Congress Considers Regulating Tax Preparers

After federal court blocks IRS rule, Democrats urge new legislation on tax preparation.

Regulating the “Sharing Economy”

General permits could provide the right amount of regulation for a new, booming industry.

Is Privacy an Antitrust Concern?

Politicians and activists urge synthesis, but the FTC remains skeptical.

European Court’s Transparency Ruling May Impact Trade Talks With U.S.

Increased public access to EU documents could present challenges for key negotiations with U.S.

Why Should Regulators Apply Cost-Benefit Analysis to Financial Regulation?

Scholars present a defense of and propose a framework for financial cost-benefit analysis.

Chevron Deference for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

Asymmetrical deference to PTO decision-making may promote pro-patent policies.

A Better Way to Study the Effects of Regulation on Employment

New study proposes a better way to take employment effects into account in rulemaking.

The Unemployment Costs of Regulation

Traditional forms of analysis may underestimate unemployment costs, skewing cost-benefit analysis of regulations.

Can Risk Assessment Help Us Determine if Regulations Kill Jobs?

Quantitative risk assessment, currently used to evaluate environmental and health hazards, can also analyze regulations’ impact on jobs.

Informing the Debate over Regulation’s Impact on Jobs

Debate over regulation’s effects on employment would benefit from better policy analysis.

FCC, FTC Merger Necessary to Modernize Communications Regulation, Comment Suggests

FCC’s largely duplicative functions should be redeployed to other agencies, says think tank.

Rarely Used Rule May Expand Small Companies’ Access to Capital

SEC proposal would exempt small businesses from federal and state security registration.