Equal Footing as Equal Protection

Supreme Court holds that states cannot adopt rules disfavoring arbitration agreements.

Is Professional Self-Regulation at a Crossroads?

Recent Supreme Court decision is a wake-up call for state licensing boards claiming antitrust immunity.

Taxing Fringe Benefits

Law and economics professor examines how to tax fringe benefits most efficiently.

The Need for Federal Oversight of Tax Preparers

As court strikes down IRS tax preparer regulations, a scholar argues for a legislative fix.

The American Pizza Community Bites Back

Pizza restaurants break from restaurant lobby to challenge FDA’s menu labeling rule.

Will the Volcker Rule’s Complexity Be Its Undoing?

Regulators face unique challenges as mandatory compliance begins.

Simplicity Trumps Logical Coherence

The Supreme Court upholds its concededly “incorrect” ban on post-expiration patent royalties.

Treasury Agency Struggles to Change Paper Money

Recent GAO report exposes difficulties in accommodating paper money to meet the needs of the visually impaired.

A Perilous Path to Financial Stability

New GAO report shows continuing challenges of the Financial Stability Oversight Council.

Dodd-Frank’s Regulatory Morass

The costly implementation of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act stems from the law’s political origins.

SEC Expands Disclosure Requirements for Asset-Backed Securities

New rule addresses valuation problems that may have contributed to financial crisis.

Corporate Inversions May Be on the Rise

New research claims benefits of inversions often outweigh costs.