Senator Franken Supports Bloomberg’s Battle Against Comcast

The FCC considers whether the cable provider is favoring its own news channels.

FINRA Executive Compensation Challenged by Member Firms

Recent report details last year’s compensation.

Senators Debate the Merits of Blocking the AT&T/T-Mobile Merger

Sen. Kohl argues that consumers would lose a low-priced option while Sen. Lee claims the merger would generate efficiencies.

FTC Holds Workshop on Preventing Patent Hold-Ups

Workshop participants considered mandating disclosure and restricting license terms.

Do Americans Care About the Debt Ceiling?

The government should not resolve the debt ceiling crisis, as it did the financial crisis, by manipulating the rule of law.

FTC Issues Pay-for-Delay Report

Report finds consumer harm in rise of pay-for-delay agreements.

Regulators Introduce New Risk Retention Rule for Banks

Proposal would require banks to retain some risk on most securities they issue.

Proposed FDIC Rule Clarifies Liquidation Process For “Too Big To Fail” Firms

Proposal would set debt priority and authorize taking compensation in certain cases.

SEC’s Home-Court Advantage?

The SEC uses its new authority to take administrative action.

Report on Financial Crisis Singles Out the Office of Thrift Supervision

Senate subcommittee staff report faults OTS in Washington Mutual collapse.

DOJ Approves the Google-ITA Merger but More Antitrust Scrutiny May Be Waiting in the Wings

The FTC may investigate Google’s practices after the company settles with the DOJ.

Google, Microsoft, and Monopoly Probe: Does Attitude Mean Anything?

Corporate culture affects how antitrust regulators and judges perceive the actions of corporations.