The Trump Administration Takes Aim at Migratory Birds

Attorneys argue that Department of Interior enforcement practices threaten migratory birds.

Examining the Past and Future of Copyright Regulation

Scholar discusses how the Copyright Office could exercise broader rulemaking power.

Keeping Candy Safe

Scholar argues that FDA can, and should, regulate marijuana edibles.

Empirical Evidence in the Administration of Family Law

Scholar proposes framework for the use of empirical evidence in child welfare policies.

Regulating Digital Mapping Technology

Scholars propose mechanisms for regulating augmented reality technology.

Bringing Home the Bacon on Climate Change

The lack of regulation on animals’ greenhouse gas emissions opens the door for climate change litigation.

Where’s the Plant-Based Beef?

Scholar argues for promotion of environmentally conscious plant-based diets through regulation.

Promoting Primary Care in Medicine

Experts suggest changing Medicare’s payment structure to encourage physicians to pursue primary care specialties.

Put the Phone Down

Scholar argues that the government should regulate app developers to prevent technology addiction.

We Need to Talk About ICOs

Cryptocurrency experts critique the current regulation of secretive token sales.

Shame on You!

Scholar argues that shaming is an effective tool against violators of regulations.

Can the President Modify a Monument?

Scholar argues that only Congress has the power to modify a National Monument.