Transparency and the Obama Administration’s National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform

The government may need to rely on secrecy, not transparency, to overcome the national deficit problem.

Obama’s FY2011 Budget Proposal and Regulatory Agencies

The President’s budget foreshadows changes to how administrative agencies will use their funding.

White House Announces Enhancements to

Federal government website becomes easier to navigate, enhancing access to regulatory information.

On Shedding Calories and Disclosing Information

Studies question whether nutrition disclosure laws are effective in reducing calorie intake.

OSHA Proposed Rulemaking on Workplace Right-to-Know

Agency seeks to change requirements for manufacturers to disclose information about hazardous materials.

EPA Considers Closing Down Voluntary Programs

The impacts of agency’s decision to end voluntary regulatory compliance programs may be difficult to evaluate.

Can the Congressional Review Act Block Climate Change Regulation?

Members of Congress invoke federal law to halt EPA’s regulation of greenhouse gases.

New U.S. Regulatory Information Released on Data.Gov

White House launches government website to enhance transparency.