Public-Private Partnerships

A Proposal for

A centralized platform for rigorous policy pilots would encourage collaboration between agencies and academia.

Using Rigorous Policy Pilots to Improve Governance

Scholars examine the benefits, challenges, and best practices of evidence-based policymaking.

Hurdles in Building Public-Private Partnerships

Guidance from ACUS could help agencies navigate partnerships with the private sector.

Guiding Agencies to Improve Transparency and Efficiency

Scholars analyze ACUS recommendations to improve efficiency, public access, and transparency in agency procedures.

Challenges in Measuring Regulatory Capture

Regulatory capture, neither inevitable nor a death trap for agencies, must be reduced to advance public policy goals.

A Bleak Future for Class Actions?

A researcher warns that waivers in business contracts could harm plaintiffs’ power to sue.

Federal Advisory Board Seeks Comment on Public-Private Partnership Disclosure

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board says public-private partnerships need targeted disclosure.

New Federal Guidance Issued on Public-Private Toll Roads

Federal highway authority calls for balancing public policy objectives with private investment.