RegBlog Celebrates Fifth Anniversary with Panel of Top Regulatory Thinkers

Panel organized by RegBlog and Penn Program on Regulation examines upcoming election’s implications for regulation.

Regulatory Excellence as “People Excellence”

Regulators must master the human side of regulation to achieve excellence.

The Regulatory Excellence Molecule

Professor Cary Coglianese identifies the key elements of regulatory excellence.

Penn Program on Regulation Issues Final Report of Best–in-Class Regulator Initiative

Report commissioned by Alberta Energy Regulator defines regulatory excellence.

A Framework for Regulatory Excellence

The Regulatory Review highlights the release of the PPR Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative’s final report.

Coglianese and PPR Receive Award for New Work on Codes and Standards

National Institute of Standards and Technology awards $160,000 to study codes and standards in public policy and legal education.

Forging a Treaty in the Face of Climate Change

PPR panel addresses the risks of climate change and the realities of reaching an international agreement.

What Enabled Chile’s Remarkable Recovery from Disaster?

PPR seminar examines factors behind Chile’s bounce back from 2010 earthquake.

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