Greenhouse Gas Emissions

EPA Adopts Stricter Standards to Clean Up Auto Exhaust

EPA finalized new rules on sulfur in gasoline and tailpipe emissions as part of clean car program.

Prospects for an Interstate Cap and Trade for Greenhouse Gases

The last years of the Obama administration will determine if the EPA succeeds in implementing a cap-and-trade regime.

Promoting Renewable Energy in the Federal Government

Presidential memo requires agencies to obtain 20% of energy from renewable sources by 2020.

Adjusting the Social Cost of Carbon: A Commonsense Revision

Changes should be made to better reflect underlying scientific models.

The Environmental Impacts of the Built World

EPA report suggests strategies for mitigating development’s environmental effects.

President Obama’s Budget Sets Regulatory Priorities Too

The proposed budget identifies the administration’s regulatory priorities.

A Proposed Environmental Agenda for Obama’s Second Term

New position paper calls for climate change and sustainable energy regulations.

Climate Change and the North American Wolverine

Citing climate change, government seeks to classify the wolverine as a threatened species.

Effective Climate Policy: The Case for a Carbon Tax

A carbon tax is the most effective and least costly climate policy.

The Administrative President

In his second term, President Obama will seek even more policy change by influencing federal administrative agencies.

Regulation as a Dynamic Macroeconomic Enterprise

Regulators can do a better job of anticipating reactions when designing regulations.

Resources versus Reputation in “Voluntary Regulation”

Study finds states more than feds rely on economic incentives to encourage compliance.