New “Sue-and-Settle” Bill is Much Ado About Nothing

Proposed legislation seeking to curb collusive deadline suits misunderstands the administrative process.

Veterans Affairs Department Struggles to Complete Much-Needed Medical Facilities

Delays in several large construction projects raise concerns about agency mismanagement.

Lawmakers Propose a Single Food Safety Administration

A recently introduced bill would create a new, unified agency to oversee all U.S. food safety.

Helping the IRS Keep Track of Tax-Exempt Charitable Groups

The GAO recommends the IRS improve oversight of tax-exempt charitable organizations.

Federal Advisory Board Seeks Comment on Public-Private Partnership Disclosure

Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board says public-private partnerships need targeted disclosure.

GAO Exposes Flaws in Pesticide Testing of Food

Report finds deficient testing and potentially misleading reporting by government agencies.

The Challenge of Keeping Hazardous Consumer Products Off the Market

New audit report highlights Consumer Product Safety Commission’s struggle to respond to emerging risks.

Treasury Agency Struggles to Change Paper Money

Recent GAO report exposes difficulties in accommodating paper money to meet the needs of the visually impaired.

What are the Effects of State Voter Identification Laws?

A recent GAO report investigates how ID requirements impact voter turnout.

GAO Recommends Improved Oversight of Information Technology Contracts

Government audit examines six federal agencies’ oversight of IT contractors.

Hundreds of Recent Final Rules Are Technically Unlawful

Agencies apparently fail to comply with a mandatory reporting requirement for many federal regulations.

GAO Says Congressional Review Act Not Triggered by Proposed Rules

Congressional watchdog declares that proposed regulations are not subject to CRA.