Resetting Expectations for New Media

Scholars suggest that easy access to information may not increase meaningful public engagement in policymaking.

Defining Government Failure

Ideological presumptions should not obscure key elements of “government failure.”

EPA Bars BP from Bidding on Government Contracts

Agency points to oil company’s “lack of business integrity” in temporary suspension order.

YouTube Provides Modified Terms of Service to State Governments

Agreement addresses concern that YouTube’s standard terms of service violate state laws.

Agencies Should Pay For Any Copyrighted Materials They Incorporate by Reference

Incorporated materials may be difficult to obtain, so agencies must make them available at their own expense.

Perfecting Our Recipe for Regulatory Compliance

Agencies should use e-government initiatives to improve regulatory compliance.

Open Government and Its Impact

Defining open government and conceptualizing its success are key first steps in developing a transparency research agenda.

Regulatory Agencies Plan for Federal Government Shutdown

Agencies show how they would react to a funding hiatus.

Week in Review

Regulatory news in review

Bipartisan E-Rulemaking Act of 2010 Introduced to Enhance Transparency

Senators aim to require the government to put information concerning regulation on the Internet.

E-Government and Inequality in Public Participation

The Internet has not made the government more democratic, at least not yet.