Examining the Past and Future of Copyright Regulation

Scholar discusses how the Copyright Office could exercise broader rulemaking power.

Supreme Court Clarifies Test for Evaluating Useful Articles

Decision may have implications for the protection of other industrial designs.

The First Amendment Protects Offensive Trademarks

Supreme Court holds that government cannot discriminate against offensive trademarks.

Regulating a 3D Printing Revolution

New technology facilitates home creations and may lead to widespread copyright infringement.

Digital Copyright Reaches the Supreme Court (Perhaps)

Authors Guild seeks SCOTUS review of copyright case against Google.

Can Copyright Law Protect Revenge Porn Victims?

Copyright protection may provide a possible tool in the fight against revenge porn.

House Subcommittee Airs Debate Over “Secret Law”

Public access to regulations takes center stage at congressional hearing.

Regulating the Virtual World: A Losing Battle?

New developments in cyberspace may be challenging the state’s regulatory capabilities.