Will FDA Guidance Hasten Testing for COVID-19?

In the face of a massive viral outbreak, a federal regulator issues unprecedented guidance on validating coronavirus testing.

Can the U.S. Outpace Disease Outbreaks?

In the United States, disease outbreaks challenge emergency preparedness.

Addressing the Constitutionality of Federal Quarantine Rules

Scholars say constitutionally shaky infectious disease regulations must yield to better prevention programs.

Applying Tobacco Tax Lessons to Sugary Drinks

Scholar says price minimums and prohibitions on discounts must accompany sugary beverage taxes.

How Fear Can Help Fight Ebola

Public fears of Ebola give health officials an opportunity to harness public attention for greater good.

Will a Proposed E-Cigarette Rule Adequately Protect Youth?

The FDA recently proposed a rule on e-cigarettes, but critics claim key protections are still needed.

A New Tax-and-Spend Strategy to Fight Obesity

Scholar proposes a manufacturers’ excise tax to fund obesity-prevention efforts.

Agencies Collaborate to Combat the Creation and Spread of “Super Bugs”

Report highlights CDC’s efforts to combat the threat of antibiotic resistance.

Does Regulation Work?

Better tools are needed to evaluate regulatory effectiveness.

Agencies Act to Address Risks from Sun Exposure

U.S. government takes measures to protect public from excessive sun exposure.

Proposed Rule Imposes Spending Ratio on Insurers in Medicare Contracts

Rule would establish minimum health care spending requirements for some Medicare plans.

Week in Review

FDA approves longer use of nicotine gum, CFPB revises credit card fee rule, and more.