Best-in-Class-Regulator Initiative

Regulatory Excellence as “People Excellence”

Regulators must master the human side of regulation to achieve excellence.

The Regulatory Excellence Molecule

Professor Cary Coglianese identifies the key elements of regulatory excellence.

Penn Program on Regulation Issues Final Report of Best–in-Class Regulator Initiative

Report commissioned by Alberta Energy Regulator defines regulatory excellence.

A Framework for Regulatory Excellence

The Regulatory Review highlights the release of the PPR Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative’s final report.

What Makes a “Best-in-Class” Regulator?

The Penn Program on Regulation asks stakeholders what they think makes for an excellent regulator.

Regulatory Leadership in Tackling Tobacco

Former FDA Commissioner David Kessler recounts his efforts to control cigarettes.

Rating Regulatory Excellence

Leader of Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative explains how rating systems can help regulators measure performance.

The Role of Stakeholder Relationships in Regulatory Excellence

Chair of the UK Civil Aviation Authority draws on her experience in keynote address on what makes an excellent regulator.

The Search for Regulatory Excellence

The Penn Program on Regulation’s Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative examines how to define and measure regulatory excellence.

Professor Coglianese to Lead New Initiative on Regulatory Excellence

Penn receives $1.2 million from Alberta Energy Regulator to lead Best-in-Class Regulator Initiative.